Library Board

The Banff Public Library Board has full legislative authority over the management and provision of library services in the municipality. The Library Board approves annual budgets and has financial oversight of library operations. In addition, the Library Board determines service objectives for the library that are appropriate to the needs of the community and re-examines these objectives periodically. The Library Board also develops policies governing library programs and operations in consultation with the Library Director.

The Banff Public Library Board is appointed by the Town of Banff and oversees the operation of Banff Public Library in accordance with the Libraries Act RSA 2000. Meetings are open to the public and take place at the Library on the last Wednesday of each month (excluding July and August) at 6:00 pm.

Current Board Members

Chair: Lindsay Stokalko

Vice Chair: Ali Buckingham

Town of Banff Council Representative: Brian Standish

Town of Banff Council Alternative: Corrie DiManno

Improvement District No. 9 (ID9) Representative: Jean-Marc Stelter

Treasurer: Joanne Harris

Public Members: Kyle Brenders, Monica Dominguez, Michaela Duggan, Brigitte Hopkins, and Sonia Zyvatauskas. 

To contact the Banff Public Library Board, please send an email to: