Book Donations

Banff Public Library welcomes donations of books and other materials such as magazines, CDs, and DVDs. Donated items must be in excellent condition and will be added to the collection if they align with the Library's Acquisitions Policy.

Donated items that are not added to the collection may be sold in our book sale. Most books, CDs, and DVDs are sold for $1.00/each. Magazines are sold for $0.50/each. Proceeds from our book sale are used to enhance the Library's collection, programs, and, services.

Donors are responsible for the transportation of all items to the Library. 

Please note the donation criteria below.


  • Books less than 10 years old
  • Books in excellent condition
  • Clean Books


  • Books 10 years or older
  • Computer books
  • Textbooks
  • Reader's Digest
  • Condensed books
  • Old library books
  • Books that are ripped, torn, or dirty.

Thank you for your generosity, and continued support of the Banff Public Library.

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