Meet the Summer Reading Club Coordinators!

Jul. 05, 2023

Meet Hoda (left) and Emily (right)!

They are our Summer Reading Club Coordinators and will be running our TD Summer Reading Club this summer! There is something for everyone between the ages 0 – 17 and all programs have been designed by Hoda and Emily to promote learning, lots of fun and to build community!


Hoda studies chemical and bioengineering at McMaster University.

Originally from Kincardine, Ontario, Hoda enjoys lake surfing (yes, you can surf the Great Lakes ).

A workshop Hoda will be running is the STEM/Coding workshops in August! 

She is excited to bring some fun and inclusive activities to the Banff community for all ages to enjoy.

She will be collaborating with Emily on everything, working to make SRC as fun as possible!


Emily recently graduated from Pearson College UWC in Victoria, BC.

She is in her hometown of Banff for the summer before exploring her options aboard.

In her free time, Emily enjoys yoga, reading, hiking, skiing, arts and walking with her puppy Willow.

Emily is running the Yoga for Kids classes!

She is most excited to get to know everyone as well as promoting wellness and the joy of learning in youth populations!